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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions our patients and families ask most often are answered below. If you have other questions, please call (256) 582-6561.

  • Does my insurance such as Medicare, Blue Advantage, or Blue Cross Blue Shield cover only twenty-one days of therapy?
    There are many factors that govern and determine how much insurance benefit coverage you will receive in any skilled nursing facility. These elements must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Most insurance policies require a pre-certification prior to admission into a skilled nursing facility. This is obtained by our admissions office as part of the admission process. Our admissions staff, along with our business office manager, will go over your individual benefit coverage prior to admission and answer any questions you may have.
  • Do I need to bring my medications from home?
    No. All medications are obtained per physician’s orders and are dispensed by our facility pharmacy provider. Each medication is packaged specially per state guidelines and administered to residents only by our trained nursing staff. We ask that you refrain from bringing any medication into the facility – even if it’s over-the-counter medication.
  • What should I bring to wear while I’m in therapy?
    Whatever you feel comfortable and dignified wearing in the facility; however, since you’ll be in therapy, you do not want your clothing to be binding or restrictive of movement.
  • Can family members spend the night with residents?
    No. Although we understand the common desire of family members and care givers to attend to the resident after admission, our facility is not furnished to accommodate such arrangements. Furthermore, it can become a privacy issue for other residents who are in shared or semi-private rooms.
  • What are your visiting hours?
    There are no set visiting hours for the facility. Family members and friends are welcome to visit at any time.
  • Is Marshall Manor a smoke free facility?
    No. Our residents and visitors are allowed to smoke if they so desire; however, for the protection of all our residents, there are very strict guidelines in place regarding smoking. Information about designated smoking areas and our complete smoking policy and procedure will be outlined during the admission process for any residents and/or visitors who desire to smoke while present in our facility or anywhere on campus.
  • Can I visit outside the facility with family and friends while I’m there for therapy?
    Yes. For short-term residents receiving therapy, the only stipulation is that the resident be physically capable of leaving the facility and that by leaving it does not interfere with their therapy treatment. The resident does have to return back to the facility by midnight. Long-term residents are free to visit with family and friends away from the facility as well. Only persons designated by the resident or their sponsor(s) can accompany the resident out of the facility.
  • What should I NOT bring into the facility?
    Please do not bring any of the following: Do not bring any medications from home – even over-the-counter (non-prescription) medications. Do not bring firearms of any type or kind. They are NOT allowed in the facility. Do not bring knives or any other objects that could prove harmful to the resident or other residents in the facility. Do not bring cameras or video recorders of any type into the facility. They are prohibited due to HIPPA (privacy practice) guidelines. Do not bring cigarettes to a resident for them to keep in their room. Do not bring lighters, matches, or any fire making device to a resident.
  • Are pets allowed in the facility?
    Yes, but only as visitors! As long as the sponsor can provide proof of current vaccination records for the pet then they are allowed to come for visits with the residents. We do ask that all dogs be on a leash and that pets be attended while in the facility.
  • Do I have to go to the dining room to receive my meals?
    No. Residents are free to choose where they would like to eat their meals. They can receive them in their rooms or go to our beautiful dining room for a more social environment to dine. They may prefer to receive some meals in their room and some in the dining room. This can be arranged and changed at any time.
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