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Respite Care

No matter the reason, it is important that a caregiver finds respite care that he or she can rely on. Marshall Manor Nursing & Rehab Center has a team of nurses, therapists, and staff that all help improve the quality of life for the people in our care. Contact us today for more information.

Being a primary caregiver for a loved one comes with a lot of responsibility. Marshall Manor Nursing & Rehab Center offers several types of care for various periods of time, including respite care.


Respite care is short-term care for a person with a disability or special medical needs that takes over for a caregiver for a short length of time.

What Is Respite Care?​

Respite care can help give caregivers time to themselves, for a vacation or even just to get important errands done. Time spent in respite care can range from days to weeks, and in our program respite stays typically last for five days.


The goal of this kind of care is to ensure a loved one gets the proper care and stays safe even while a caretaker needs to focus on other things.


When you choose a designated nursing center, you can expect qualified nursing staff and other experienced staff to look after your loved one. Marshall Manor offers medical services to manage common ailments, from IV antibiotics to respiratory and wound care, ensuring that all those in our care receive the attention they need.


Marshall Manor provides several services to improve the quality of life for seniors and patients. Balanced meals help speed up recovery, and are planned by registered dietitians to ensure all special nutritional requirements can be accommodated in healthy and flavorful meals. Social events are scheduled to give patients and visitors a place to socialize and stay entertained.​

When Do You Choose Respite Care?

Caregivers may choose respite care when they need a break from watching after a family member. This could be because of planned travel, the need for a break, or personal matters that need a caregiver’s full attention. Caring for a loved one is an important role, but it can also take up a lot of time and energy.


Other times, respite care may be a desirable option because of a recent medical procedure that requires skilled care from a professional. After surgery, for example, someone might require more medical care and attention than the caregiver is able to provide.


A center with registered nurses and experienced staff members can provide the necessary care and ensure that the patient is on the path to recovery and improvement.

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