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It's Healthy Aging Month!

September is Healthy Aging Month! Healthy aging is and always has been a hot topic everywhere. We all know that a big part of having peace is knowing that we are in good health physically, mentally, emotionally, and – yes – spiritually. Without this assurance, we have a tendency to be anxious about what may be lurking ahead or just around the corner.

These apprehensions follow us around for the majority of our lives but especially affect us in our later years. Undoubtedly, there is a certain sort of suffering that accompanies aging. We know what is in our DNA because we’re familiar with what illnesses our loved ones have faced. So, we naturally wonder if the same ailments are waiting in store for us. We begin to realize that we’re not as “sharp” as we once were or that we can’t do all the things we used to do and so our control begins to become challenged.

The good news is that it's never too late to make healthier lifestyle choices. One such choice is to accept the fact that we all age and that aging is a huge part of living. This is NOT an easy thing to do. It takes real resolve. But like everything that is challenging, it has its rewards.

We are all moving forward and to move backward would be even more traumatic than aging ever dreamed of being. Remember, just because we see a lot of things end in aging, there are also many opportunities for a lot of things to begin. Appreciate the finer qualities that aging brings about. Share your wisdom, experience, and memories while looking forward to what else may be in store for you to learn and do. We are here for a reason no matter how long we’ve been here! Making the most of our aging is really a vigorous response to something we can’t control anyway.

No matter what your health concerns may be, eating a variety of healthy foods, practicing portion control, and including physical activity in your daily routine can go a long way toward promoting healthy aging. Engage in activities that stimulate your mind and encourage you to interact with others. This will go a long way in keeping you mentally sharp and emotionally strong.

If an interest in healthy aging leads you to consider supplements or expensive treatments claiming to postpone or reverse the aging process — be cautious. There's no fountain of youth or miracle antidote to abate aging. Be aware (or beware) of what you're buying and know how to spot suspicious schemes. Often, anti-aging therapies don't live up to their claims and instead of leaving you with less symptoms, they leave you with less in your pocket book.

On a personal note, I'll leave you with one final word. Don’t forget to feed your spirit! This is the most important part of your being and the one portion of you that doesn’t age but will last forever.


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